Our Clients

Families, Businesses, & More

Whether you’re an individual or business owner, we can help.  Over the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of wonderful people, and are confident we can help you, too.  Learn more about the different types of clients we take on!

Individuals & Families

Most of my clients are “normal” Lawrence people. Some may have resettled to either coast or as far away as Europe, but the overriding commonality is that they are incredibly kind and decent people. I am blessed. They are committed to their families and those they love. They are compassionate and generous. They seem to smile a lot. I have served many to their graves and I have continued to serve their spouses and next generations. This humbles me and I am grateful.

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs lives are demanding and complex. We understand their various entity formations (LLCs, Sub-S, C-Corp, etc.), their unique attributes, and planning realities and opportunities. Having strong working relationships with their advisors is imperative (CPAs & Attorneys). As an advisor, understanding their non-linear financial and personal lives is also imperative. The interplay with the personal financial planning cannot be divorced from these realities. We have the experience and intellectual capital to work with them during the early growth phases, to the day they sell or pass on their business to the next generation… and every day in between.

Charitable & Philanthropic People/Organizations

I attract through my clientele, accountants & attorneys, a range of people, families and companies that have very specific charitable planning desires. Often, it is a very specific tax planning implementation in conjunction with the sale of their business that involves charitable trust planning (Keep more, Spend more, Pass on more, Endow your causes). Often it is a person or couple that may or may not have heirs, they want to give as much as they can while they are alive and want to endow their causes and possibly their heirs. I call this a Charitable Financial & Estate Plan. Every plan has a variations on themes as well as a multitude of planning tools and techniques… This is lots of fun and requires collaboration.

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