Our Team

Tony Hayden

Financial Advisor, RJFS
Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A

For over 25 years I have served individuals, families, business owners and non-profits. I like to create plans that work (versus those that do not). I am naturally a technical person and see economic models almost in 3D. I can plan and create them to match various scenarios depending on client needs. I am very close to my clients and have served many to their life’s end. I have a loving wife, Carol, and two wonderful daughters, Greta and Anna. I strive to be a good example for them. I love what I do. Most people simply want plans that work according to their definitions and needs, have confidence, and on the tough days and times, for me to be there when needed.

A strong theme you will see over again, is my passion for working within the construct of Charitable Planning. It is how I am wired. I have cultivated unique technical skills and talents in charitable giving, and I am a co-founder of the Abundance Alliance & Lakeview Conservation Alliance, Inc.

Teamwork Knows No Boundaries

Meet Our Team

Bettie Zimmerman AIF®, CPFA™

Financial Advisor, RJFS
Insurance Agent, K&A

Team Role: Team Co-Advisor. Prior to becoming an advisor, Bettie was a Retirement Plan Administrator for Keating & Associates. Now, as an advisor, Bettie provides a high level of skills and knowledge regarding retirement plans and financial planning. Additionally, Bettie is the team’s financial planning software specialist.

Jennifer Wilson

Account Administrator

Team Role: Investment Department Assistant. Jennifer coordinates a variety of client investment needs. Anywhere from handling trades, setting up accounts, facilitating deposits and withdrawals and a host of other critical functions in between. As a seasoned investment department specialist, Jennifer strive to make many of the complicated steps and processes appear seamless.

Taylor Slavens

Practice Manager

Team Role: Team Project Manager. Taylor ensures all projects are organized and managed to maximize efficiency. Taylor’s background in Marketing and Communications brings an array of capabilities for larger projects, while providing thoughtful insight. In addition, if you have any questions or need assistance, she is the team go-to. If she cannot answer your question, she will connect you with the appropriate team member.

Matt Munoz

Financial Services Associate, RJFS, Due Diligence Administrator, KA

Team Role: Client Financial Plan Modeling. When it comes to financial planning and modeling, Matt is your guy. He is a key player when it comes to building out our clients’ financial plans, modeling out scenarios, and assisting in researching opportunities. When situations arise and require a clients plan to change, Matt helps adjust the plan and models. As situations or goals change, he makes sure the plan reflects those updates.

Ally Hughes

Administrative and Communication Coordinator

Team Role: Scheduling Coordinator. When it comes to client care, Ally’s role is vital. Whenever an appointment needs to be scheduled, Ally helps coordinate to ensure the meeting happens smoothly. She keeps the calendars updated, ensures client reviews are scheduled and follows up with clients.

Josh Hill, CFP®, CPFA™

Financial Advisor, RJFS

Team Role: Team Co-Advisor. With his passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals, Josh brings expert guidance and advice on a wide range of financial matters. Josh’s expertise includes 401k administration, life insurance analysis and implementation, and personal financial planning. Josh is committed to building strong relationships with our clients and providing personalized advice and support to help our clients achieve financial success. See CFP® disclosure below.

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